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16 Mar

Home Advantage

An excerpt from my contribution to Stories For Homes, an anthology of 63 short stories of all styles and genres on the theme of ‘Home.’ There are families, lovers, friends, neighbours, and a surprising number of dead bodies. It’s an excellent read, and as a bonus, all profits from the sale of the anthology go to support the UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

Suzanne Wilson stood in the marbled lobby and prayed for patience as her nineteen year-old meal-ticket squared up to a man more than twice his age. The job should have been easy. Show the kid (sorry, client) a selection of the best rental properties in the area. Wait for him to choose the one he liked. Send humungous invoice to his management company. Receive payment, placate bank manager, high-fives all round.

The building was brand new, but the concierge was old-school, suited and booted, with shining shoes, ramrod posture, and a military-standard haircut. His face was professionally blank, but his feelings about her client as a potential tenant were crystal clear.

Johan Moore gave the old soldier a final scowl and spun round on his good leg. His sweat pants fell even lower on his hips, showing a good three inches of underwear bearing his name on the waistband.  He hitched them up, and they slid back down. Read more »

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